SecureGuard Anti-Vehicle Barriers
SecureGuard Pedestrian Portal
Rapidly Deployable Fencing System (RDS)

Anti-terror perimeter protection for high value targets such as :

Airports, Stadiums, Concerts, sporting Events, Banks, Embassies, Festivals, Malls, Schools, Military Bases

Three Different Level Systems:

SecureGuard 20

SecureGuard 30

SecureGuard 50

Size Specifications

3 1/2 ' tall

9 " wide at Top

21"  wide at the bottom

1 1/4  " clearance

ASTM 123 Galvanized

Available in 10, 20,40 ft sections, or smaller as needed

  • Tested to US DOS K4, U.K's BS PAS68 2010
  • Stops 16,500lb truck impacting at a 90 degree angle at 20mph
  • Stops 16,500lb truck impacting at a 45 degree angle at 20 mph
  • Rapidly deployable for permanent or portable use
  • fencing system (optional)

  • Tested to US DOS K8, U.K's BS PAS 68:2010
  • Stops a 16,500lb truck impacting at a 90 degree angle at 30mph
  • Stops a 16,500lb truck impacting at a 45 degree angle at 30mph
  • Rapidly deployable for permanent or portable use
  • Fencing System (optional)

  • Tested to US DOS K12, U.K.'s BS PAS 68: 2010
  • Stops a 16,500lb truck impacting at a 90 degree angle at 50mph
  • High Performance permanent system
  • Fencing System (optional)

Designed to protect the highest value targets. The extensive client list utilizing this product will attest to the security, quality & service that comes with a SecureGuard 50 installation. Prevent perimeter pentetration by foot or vehicle with this state-of-the-art barrier system.

Offering both a portable & a permanent solution, the SecureGuard Portal allows access to your event or facility without compromising continuous perimeter security. The only crash test certified pedestrian portal available today. Every SecureGuard Portal is constructed in a modular form which allows single or multiple installations. 

SecureGuard Portal can be customized with a turnstile, gate, or continuous anti-personnel fencing to ensure a secure pedestrian entrance. Each Portal is galvanized to EN ISO1461:2001 stnadards

Ideal for crowd control during events, concerts or whenever protection of critical infrastructure is required. The RDS system offers a temporary rapidly deployable surface mount fencing soluton preventing vehicular or pedestrian penetration of your perimeter. Tested to PAS 68 at 3 different risk levels, this system can be upgraded to meet your threat assesment.

Tubular Steel Bollards offer a cost effective solution against vehicle attack, while allowing a free flow of pedestrian movement. The bollards have been successfully tested to withstand direct impact forces of 1185kj, and 1852kj, they are DOS K8, and K12 rated.

Our new surface mounted bollard system can provide the same protection as permanent bollards. Call to find out more detals.

  • Rapidly Deployable
  • Surface Mounted-no sub surface foundations
  • Vertical height up to 8ft
  • Available with Hi Sec fence panels
  • Suitable for moderately unduling ground
  • RDS PAS68 systems have a range of performance to suit different risk levels
  • Ideal for urban sites and non linear alignments

Durable, High-Performance System tested to DOS K4, K8, K12 & PAS68:2010

♦Portable and Cost Effective transportation

♦ Crash Friendly to normal road use

♦Easy to install

♦ Made from Galvanized Steel

♦20 year life cycle

Concrete Barrier Wall

  • JJ-Hook Wall
    • 4500 lbs
    • 12 ft long

  • Low Profile Wall
    • 5000 lbs
    • Used in urban areas with speeds < 45mph

  • K-wall
    • can be anchored
    • 5000lbs
    • used for minimal deflection is required

TCP-SS has the largest inventory of  FDOT approved, crash tested TL-3 concrete barrier wall in the State of Florida.  Both new and used, we keep the wall strategically placed around the state of  Florida to provide our customers with quick access when they need the wall.

Other Temporary Crash Tested Products

TSP Bi-Steel Barges   This product is a proprietary, crash tested, combination concrete incased in  fused steel . These products, are crash tested to the highest PAS68 Standards, and are available  through TCP-SS .

Bi-Steel Barges &  Wall

Planters, Blocks, Street Furniture

TCP-SS is able to provide shallow mount, surface mount, or free standing planters and other street furniture that is crash tested to ASTM, PAS 68, or IWA standards.  


Key Benefits