Having the right security barriers makes all the difference when securing those assets that are critical to daily operations of a town, a city, or a country.  The perimeter security is your first line of defense. Make the right choice by utlizing the SecureGuard System as that first line of defense.

Special Events

 Private Facilities

How protected is your facility ? Do you have expensive inventory that you cannot afford to lose? Your perimeter is your first line of defense.  Do you think that chain-link fence will stop a determined threat in a truck? Maybe it's time you check into the SecureGuard product line.

 Contact us today at 813.446.4115 to set up an appointment to review your project requirements . It could be the best security decision you’ll ever make.

Critical Infrastructure

""Your Partner In Perimeter Security Solutions

Whether you are an airport administrator looking to strengthen your perimeter secuirty features, or a business owner with high value products that require better protection, or the Chief of Security  at the largest annual music festival in need of some crash and climb proof fencing, we can help. There is nothing else on the market that matches the" RING OF STEEL "line of Products.  Our team is here to provide you with the support you need to provide the protection they need.

How secure is your event? Do you have the right type of protection to mitigate these new types of threats? The use of regular crowd control barriers, Type 3 barricades and other MOT related items are insufficient and outdated.

The price of concrete is high, plus you need equipment to move in and out of place.

We have the latest SecureGuard products that meet these new needs and do not require heavy equipment to get in and out of place.